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Quick Bites: Comb-overs, Lourdes Leon, ta-ta Takashimaya & Jamie on Goop

  • Could the comb-over be making a comeback? Amber Valetta sports what looks like a curled-up woodland creature on her head on the April cover of Vogue Italia. Oh dear fashion God, please say it isn’t so? OH but how we love her tailored shirt and sheer sweater combination. Chic, chic, CHIC! huffpost
  • Our ultimate mini-fatale, 13 year old Lourdes Leon is calling the shots with ‘Material Girl’, her mother’s new fashion collaboration with Macy’s. Take a peep at this online interview where Madonna talks Lola, wardrobe thieving and stylish genetics. et
  • We are devastated! One of our fave department stores, the immaculately chic Takashimaya will close its New York flagship store come June. Known for it’s finely edited collections, serene tearoom and died-and-gone-to-heaven perfume department (seriously), make the most of it whilst you can NY-ers! Takashimaya, we salute you. wwd
  • Over at Goop, Gwyneth is gushing over Jamie Oliver. “Sigh. Jamie Oliver. I love Jamie Oliver. I love his food, I love his books, I love his app, I love the mission he is on.” We hear you Gwynnie, we too love Jamie and his passion for real food and the associated health benefits … mind, body and spirit! Read Jamie’s interview with Goop here, and be inspired by his delish and quick recipes.

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