Mrs Montafia's Pasta Sauce

My lovely friend Kathryn invited me over for dinner recently, and she made a fabulous Italian feast for all her guests. How could she not? Her family is Italian and her mother is a superb cook, so it’s in her blood. One of the dishes Kathryn served was cloud like gnocchi bathed in a delicate yet rich tomato and meat sauce. Some might say it was a Bolognese, but it was much more than that…

It was robust with tomatoes, yet the meat was tender and light and didn’t overtake the sauce element, and the whole combination was smooth on the palate. I asked her the secret and she shrugged her shoulders and said ‘It’s my mum’s sauce, and it’s the way we always make it’. It’s the way I will always be making my ‘Bolognese’ from now on too. Kathryn was kind enough to share the recipe, so here it is — Mrs Montafia’s (magic) Pasta Sauce!

***Download the recipe here***

Image: by FashionFoodFatale