Busy People's Bread

Man cannot live on bread alone, but Annabel Langbein’s simple recipe for Busy People’s Bread could make it a distinct possibility. Langbein’s book The Free Range Cook is one of our favourites, and is currently on high rotation in our kitchen — she has a knack for creating simple, homespun recipes that are a cinch to prepare but don’t pull any punches on flavour.

This bread is a great example: although it contains that often terrifying ingredient yeast, there is no waiting for the dough to prove. The initial slow temperature of the oven does that for you, then you turn up the heat and finish with a crusty, more-ish loaf that you will be hard-pressed to stop eating.

This bread is more damper like in texture than a regular loaf, and works equally well spread with butter and a favourite jam for breakfast; with a smear of horseradish cream, smoked salmon and dill for a light lunch; or toasted and grilled with cheese along a bowl of soup for a light supper.

So who says, with the right accompaniments, you can’t live on bread?

***Download the recipe here***

Image: by FashionFoodFatale