Paige Novick


FFF LOVES… Her extremely beautiful Broken Glass collection (below), her inspiring mantra of “quiet beauty, steadfastness and self-assurance,” and her fabulous food blog The Ingredients.

SHOP: Vanve Flea Market, Paris (avenue Georges Lafenestre & avenue Marc Sangnier, 75014 Paris)

EAT: BLUE HILL AT STONE BARNS Sourcing from the surrounding fields and pasture, as well as other local farms, Blue Hill at Stone Barns highlights the abundant resources of the Hudson Valley. There are no menus at Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Instead, guests are presented with a list of over a hundred ingredients, updated daily, which contains the best offerings from the field and market

FFF Notes: In spring of 2004, Blue Hill at Stone Barns opened within the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in Pocantico Hills, New York. The Barbers helped create the philosophical and practical framework for Stone Barns Center, a working four-season farm and educational center just 30 miles north of New York City, and continue to help guide it in its mission to create a consciousness about the effect of everyday food choices.

SLEEP: Esperanza Resort, Cabos, San Lucas

SHOP: Trosman — Buenos Aires, Miami

EAT: The City Bakery, New York

SHOP: Maxfield, Los Angeles

SHOP: The Design District, Miami

SLEEP: Blakes Hotel, London

SHOP: Topsshop, New York

EAT: Brunch at The Breslin, New York

About Paige Novick:
Although Paige Novick officially launched her luxury accessories company in 2008, she is no stranger to the fashion industry. From 1993-2008 Paige was the owner and creative director of “Frou’ by Paige Novick, the contemporary handbag—and later clothing—brand that was carried by specialty and department stores in the US, Japan and Europe.

A proclaimed Francophile, Paige continuously draws inspiration from having lived and studied in Paris for several years. While studying art history at the Sorbonne, she interned at Chanel and worked directly with Karl Lagerfeld. She was immediately stirred by his passion and dedication to his art. This gave paige the impetus to pave a career in fashion upon returning to New York.

Her jewelery reflects her personal style: effortless yet chic. One of the hallmark designs is her use of contrasting elements—masculine and feminine, organic and synthetic, rough and refined. Asymmetrical details, worn finishes, and a luxuriously casual vibe give Paige’s collection a feminine and sexy appeal.

Many of her pieces are discreetly adorned with a silver or gold snail. Paige chose this symbol as her icon because of the mollusk’s quiet beauty and self-assurance. The snail’s understated grace and steadfast determination in the face of uncertainty echoes Paige’s unwavering spirit and consistent approach to design. She has managed to create an aura of accessibility and genuine playfulness under an emotive, elegant, luxury halo.