Alexi Freeman

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FFF LOVES… Alexi’s modern sportswear-inspired style in a strict, modern colour palette. Super-chic and wearable. What a combination!

VISIT: San Sebastian, Basque Country — a tiny city in Spain with the most incredible Tapas on earth.

DRINK: Yugi’s Bar — a miniature bar in Tokyo that is a watering hole for creatives.

EAT: Andrés Carne De Res — an insanely decorated restaurant in Chia Bogota, Colombia, with an abundance of tropical fruits and Latin music.

SHOP: Milly Sleeping — a whimsical boutique in Melbourne that exclusively supports Australian and New Zealand fashion labels.

SHOP: Where The Fox Lives – an eclectic boutique stocking labels that can’t be found anywhere else in Christchurch.

SHOP: Palais de Tokyo Librairie – a bookstore in Paris with hard to find books on art and fashion and it’s open until midnight!

SHOP: MATERIALBYPRODUCT – affectionately known as MBP they’re a fashion label on the rise who blur the lines between ready to wear and couture from their studio/showroom in Melbourne.

SHOP: L’Eclaireur – is a boutique in Paris devoted to avant-garde fashion and decorative art designers.

EAT: Zingara Cucina – pop-up style restaurant in Melbourne that is here one minute gone the next and not only is its location constantly changing, but you can’t actually make a booking no matter who you are, so if you’re ever lucky enough to be invited make sure you go!

SHOP: James M.R. – New York fashion stylist Jamie Rosenthal is one of the gems of the city and it’s really about time they gave her a key.

About Alexi Freeman:
Alexi Freeman is a Melbourne-based fashion designer whose collections for women are manufactured locally incorporating elements of hand drawn & printed textiles worked into drape juxtaposed with tailoring. Informed by his grounding in printmaking and sculpture, Freeman’s eponymous label explores urbane elegance for modern women who are enamored by the past, but lust after the future.

Since beginning his odyssey from fine artist to fashion designer late last century, Freeman’s professional experiences have taken him from the Diemen Isle to the Bronx and back again.

It is this bricolage of experiences that planted the seeds of his fascination and seemingly inevitable decision to push all other interests aside to marry himself, irrevocably, to the continuation and indeed innovation of contemporary fashion.