Madeleine Thompson


FFF LOVES… Madeleine’s cool, chic and contemporary take on fashion’s most luxurious fibre.

Breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner?
I do love brunch – I think it’s the combination of my two favourite meals and because of that I think we’re all allowed to eat more! Also, I love how brunch seems to last hours and hours – you make a real day of it!

Where will you be dining?
I think they do the best brunch in New York! They have it down to an art. It’s not such a big thing out here in London so it’s a real treat whenever I’m in town.

What music are you listening to?
The music of my friends’ voices! My ideal meal is everyone chatting so much and getting so enthused by the conversation that you’re pretty oblivious to anything or anyone else.

What are you wearing?
For this time of year I’ll probably be wearing some tailored shorts with my slouchy cashmere cardigan with striped sleeves.

What are you going to eat?
I’m going to eat egg truffle toast. I haven’t tried it yet but my friend told me about it – it’s hollowed out toast filled with egg and melted fontina cheese with truffle oil. Heaven on a plate!

Bircher Muesli on the side (going back to my ‘you can eat more at brunch’ rule!) – I love it so much and it’s always such a treat to eat it out, it’s never as good if you make it yourself.

I’d also have a huge hot chocolate and unlimited prosecco – lighter than champagne so I prefer it in the day!

About Madeleine Thompson…
Inspired by her birthplace, Hong Kong and her formative years spent in England, 28-year-old designer Madeleine Thompson blends her love for eastern tradition with a cool western eye. After graduating London’s Durham University with a law degree in 2002, she returned to Hong Kong where she worked as a buyer for one of the world’s most prestigious retailers, Lane Crawford. Always creative and often complimented on the jewellery she made for herself, Madeleine couldn’t resist starting her own jewellery collection in 2004. In 2007, Madeleine branched into knitwear and cashmere clothing. Her cashmere beanie became the ‘must have’ of the season. Fall/Winter 2009 marked the launch of her collection in the US, which now includes a chic button-less cardigan, a wrap around shawl and thick chunky knit scarf. The pieces complement each other well in the same muted tones and high finish. Kate Moss and Renee Zellweger are fans of her jewellery while Agyness Deyn and Sienna Miller (pictured), Poppy Delevigne and Lily Donaldson have bagged cashmere beanies. She has recently added an interiors line to the Madeleine Thompson collection which includes beautifully indulgent throws offset by luxurious cable knit cushion covers.