Robby Ingham


FFF LOVES… FFF loves his style and eagle eye for fashion we DIE to wear. Any chance we can score a ticket to his last supper too?

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner?
One meal for me would definitely mean a long lunch.

Where will you be dining?
The month is July and the place is the meditteranean coast in from Florence Italy. Up on the terrace at a little trattoria overlooking the ocean.

What music are you listening to?
There is no music to accompany this as only great wine and food are required. But if you must, just some lovely jazz in the background and then maybe later some classic Stones or Dylan.

What are you wearing?
I would of course wear a beautiful lightweight linen suit for Italy and then break out my favourite Margiela pinstripe for dinner on the terrace.

Whare are you eating?
Start with some antipasta of fresh calamari, Bufala mozzarella, vine ripened tomatos etc. accompanied by a beautiful crisp Pinot Gris. Next we would move up to Paper Moon pizzeria in Milan to experience the Milanese vibe and brilliant pizza. Lets have some lovely Gaja Barbaresco with this.

After pizza some shopping down the Via Montenapoleone (right) is an absolute necessity and it will work up the hunger for our return to Sydney. On the terrace of my Sydney home, a couple of great mates and my beautiful wife and children. Unfortunately I would have to ask my wife to prepare her absolutely mouthwatering Roast Chicken and vegetable dinner with lots of gravy. This would require a couple of bottles of great Penfolds Grange and Moss Wood cab sav. ‘98 for the grange and ‘94 for the Moss Wood.

Dessert would be a blast from the past with the cold zabaglione from Ristorante Mario (Via della Vite, 55 00187 Roma Rom, Italy 06 89718304) being my absolute favourite. Of course if you are blasting from the past you would have to include a shot or two of Sambuca.

About Robby Ingham:
Robby Ingham is a successful luxury retailer and joint managing director of The Robby Ingham Store, this year he is joined by buyer and retail specialist, Marlene Mangioni. Together they are reinvigorating the long-established store as Sydney’s premier destination for luxury women’s and men’s fashion and accessories. 
Robby Ingham will continue to oversee the menswear buying, brand inventory and importing. Ingham belongs to the renowned Ingham poultry and racing family and resides in Sydney with his wife Sarah and their four children.