Manu Feildel


FFF LOVES… Manu’s ambrosial and distinctive take on contemporary French cuisine, and his delicious French accent. Mon Dieu!

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner?

Where will you be dining?
With my staff , friends and family at my restaurant - L’etoile as they are the most important people to me and my restaurant is my life!

What music are you listening to?
Funk from the 70’s so we can have a little dance and Jazz - relaxing, while we are eating.

What are you wearing?
Jeans, a collared shirt, italian leather shoes and my favorite black velvet jacket!

What are you going to eat?
My uncle’s home made foie gras on toasted brioche. It holds great childhood memories for me.

About Manu Feildel:
It seems that Manu Feildel was destined to become a great chef from the moment he was born – his great grandfather was a pastry chef, his grandfather and father were chefs, his cousin is a chef in the United States and his mother is a great cook.

Over the years, he has worked in many top class restaurants around the world. In 2004, Tony Bilson approached Manu to open his new venture Bilsons at the Radisson Hotel. In its second year of opening, the restaurant won 2 Chef’s Hats, and in its third year, this accolade had increased to 3 Chef’s Hats. In 2009 Bilsons won three Chef’s Hats for the third year running.

Manu has also become one of the most recent and popular ‘Celebrity Chefs’ on the Australian food scene, with appearances on ‘Ready Steady Cook’, ‘Boys Weekend’, Masterchef Australia’, and has co-host of the popular ‘My Kitchen Rules’.

It seems Manu’s career has turned full circle, as he returns to his roots cooking contemporary French cuisine, as co-owner and chef de cuisine of ‘Manu at L’Etoile’ in Paddington, Sydney, where he shares his passion for modern French Bistro food, and has recieved a prestigious One Chef’s Hat from the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food Guide 2010.