The Barge Boys


FFF LOVES… the Barge Boys’ take on a cool Hong Kong wine bar crossed with the laidback style of a Melbourne bar taking up residence in Sydney’s spohisticated Potts Point. Genius!

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner?

Where will you be dining?
All the boys together at Tides in Bali; with perfect ocean and sunset views this amazing restaurant overlooks a pool which drops over a cliff.

What music are you listening to?
No music; the three of us make enough noise as it is.

What are you wearing?
Board shorts; easy and relaxed.

What are you going to eat?
Fresh seafood cooked with local flavour — nothing beats it straight off the boat and washed down with an icy-cold beer.

About The Barge Boys:
Drawing inspiration from an exciting melting pot of international flavours and concepts, LL Wine & Dine heralds a new direction in Sydney dining and entertainment. Evoking the essence of a vibrant Hong Kong wine lounge and the atmosphere of Melbourne’s eclectic bar scene, brothers Matthew, Chris and Tim Barge launch their first venture in Potts Point’s emerging Llankelly Place laneway.

Running directly off the buzzing Kings Cross strip, the pedestrian-only precinct is destined to emerge as the new focal point of this vibrant inner-city locale with the venue entrenched in Potts Points’ own eclectic heritage. Boasting a rich and colourful history, the former 1960’s illegal casino has served as an adult bookshop as well as a stronghold steel room. Beyond its unassuming façade lies a quirky and intimate space to which has been given an exclusive, underground vibe and sequence of cosy nooks and comfy snugs.

The menu, created by Chef Jingyi Kung (ex Melange and Matsuri), offers tantalising Cantonese inspired cuisine matched with an extensive wine list and cocktails with an Asian kick. Aimed at the young professional demographic, the emphasis is on personalised service and caters to those seeking quality food, drink and entertainment in intimate and sophisticated surrounds.