Alvin Quah

WHAT: MasterChef Top Ten & Food Blogger

FFF LOVES… Alvin’s delicious personality, passion for food and his knock-out signature dish ‘Drunken & Bruised!

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner?
All four!

What music are you listening to?

What are you wearing?
Jeans, t-shirt and boots.

Where will you be dining and what will you eat?
For breakfast, Malaysian Congee or Thai Rice soup.
For brunch, French Sourdough toast and Donna Hay’s Maple Bacon.
For lunch, Nasi goreng and kicap manis sotong from Temasek, Parramatta (71 George St, Parramatta Sydney Tel (02) 9633 9926)
For dinner, anything from Red Lantern, Surry Hills but especially their Sour Sop dumplings.

About Alvin Quah:
Excitable, affable and unfailingly enthusiastic, Alvin is poles apart from the stereotype of a science expert. After numerous years studying, and with a pharmaceutical career behind him, Alvin says that MasterChef Australia has finally given him the opportunity to do something for himself.

“I did well at school because I was scared of being nobody,” Alvin says. “I did a science degree but underpinning it all was my passion for cooking. I’ve been busy chasing what people want me to chase and putting what I want into the background. It’s bizarre but growing up I had it instilled in me that you’re either a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer or nobody!”

With a Malaysian background, Alvin moved to Australia in his late teens to study at Melbourne University, and says that his cooking is influenced by his heritage.

“My mum is my inspiration,” says Alvin, who grew up in a Buddhist household. “I used to hang around the kitchen watching her as a child. She would never use measurements, her cooking was instinctive”.

A MasterChef Australia fan from the first series, Alvin made his way through to the lofty heights of the final Top Ten, and into the hearts of Australians everywhere. Since leaving MasterChef, Alvin is continuing his passion for food through his new website

After shucking hundreds of them on MasterChef, the world is Alvin Quah’s oyster!