Belynda Macpherson


FFF LOVES… the limited edition sweater “Frangipani” designed by sister-in-law Elle Macpherson (below). Featuring frangipani flowers on the wrist and “Love and Light” on the shoulder, it takes classic cashmere to a super-cool level.

What are your staples?

Organic tinned tomatoes, dried pasta and olive oil. Like all Italians!


What are your indulgences?

Green and Blacks White Chocolate with Vanilla Bean pieces.


What can’t you live without?

Unbelievably, dill pickles.


What is past its use-by-date?

Multiple tins of instant Thai curry sauces that I always think might suffice on a night with nothing in the fridge to cook … it never does!


What is your pantry craving?

A clean! It is over-worked and under-appreciated.


About Belynda Macpherson:

Launched in May 2008 with the Autumn/Winter ‘Goethe Collection’, Banjo & Matilda made an instant impact into the Australian knitwear market. Producing garments using 100% cashmere, the collection sold out within weeks and garnered a cult following among celebrities, the media and customers alike. Always a little edgy, but decidedly classic at heart, Banjo & Matilda applies these philosophies to their designs, bringing a bit of Rock ‘n Roll to the subtle luxury of a superb cashmere staple. Using their signature design treatments of extra long sleeves, rolled edge hems, screen-printing, deconstructed finishes and a hand-stitched ‘kiss’ on each style, the label caters to those who crave a secret indulgence that no-one else need know they require. Banjo & Matilda aims to be the provider of all things Cashmerian.