Natalie Bloom


FFF LOVES…. Bloom Mineral Plus Lip Butters. Sheer, natural yet utterly sexy it is the ultimate mineral tint. Pucker up.

What are your staples?
Tofu and Tempeh are always in our fridge, its my back up meal for the kids if we don’t have any fresh meat or fish at home.

What are your indulgences?
Butter on Toast is something that I simply can not resist. I think I find it’s simplicity comforting.

What can’t you live without?
A top-notch Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Tamari which is similar to soy sauce however has a thicker texture and is bolder in flavour.

What is past its use-by-date?
Jam - I feel that these days jams are either far too sweet or too complex in flavour. Oh and garlic, it’s just too over-powering and often overrides the natural beauty or flavour of food.

What is your pantry craving?
Some food for guests! Our pantry is full of organic health foods which can be a little restrictive for our guests. Often I have to do a quick run around before they pop by just so I can put something suitable on the table.

About Natalie Bloom:
Natalie Bloom was just 22, when she decided to leave her job as a Graphic Designer and take the plunge into the world of business by starting her eponymous beauty brand. Natalie’s creativity, passion, instinct and vision propelled Bloom into the international beauty arena and underpins the brand’s longevity. Today, Natalie remains incredibly hands-on at Bloom and continues to build the business while also being a mum to three young children.