Natasha Lester

WHAT: AUTHOR - What is Left Over, After

FFF loves… this gorgeously written first novel. A must-read for all women.

What are your staples?
Every herbal tea you can imagine, tins of tomatoes and tins of tuna, dried fruit, pizza flour for homemade pizzas and baker’s flour for homemade bread, Vegemite and Bellamy’s organic apple snacks, rice cakes and porridge for the kids

What are your indulgences?
I love to drink tea — so delicious and exotic teas are a favourite indulgence.

What can’t you live without?
Books! In the case of my pantry, it’s recipe books. I have far too many of them especially considering that, being so busy at the moment, I basically have only a dozen or so recipes on high rotation. Of course, being creative, I just change the vegetable, give the dish a different name and no one in my family is any the wiser!

What is past its use-by-date?
Funny you should ask. I’ve just cleaned out my spice rack which contained jars of spice that had a use-by date of at least 5 years ago. Must remember not to buy a large jar of turmeric ever again.

What is your pantry craving?
My pantry is craving our move into our newly built house which has, not just a pantry, but a boudoir for food. Spacious, clean, comfortable, well-lit — in fact I might move myself in there instead of the food!

About Natasha Lester:
A few years ago Natasha Lester threw in her job as Marketing Manager for Maybelline cosmetics to go back to uni and study creative writing. Since then, she’s been lucky enough to win the 2008 TAG Hungerford Award for Fiction for her first novel, What is Left Over, After, which has just been published by Fremantle Press. She is currently writing a second book as well as teaching creative writing at Curtin University and being a mum to three children.