Alexi Freeman


FFF LOVES… Alexi’s modern sportswear-inspired style in a strict, modern colour palette. Super-chic and wearable. What a combination!

What are your staples?
In winter, I’m a big fan of porridge for breakfast, but I’m talking gourmet style with cherries and blueberries. Lunch is usually on the go, so I’ll often just do something light like a salad sandwich from the nice girls over the road, and at home we have a ‘whatever’ cooking policy. Always healthy and delicious, but basically made with ‘whatever’ fresh produce we have on hand.

What are your indulgences?
Growing up in Tasmania, I guess I was somewhat spoilt on some of the most incredible fresh produce on earth, so naturally I still have a penchant for Tasmanian Salmon, Moorilla Wine and Bruny Island Cheese, all hailing from my island home.

What can’t you live without?
Do cigarettes count as food?

What is past its use-by-date?
Processed, homogenised, pasturised, genetically modified anything. Ingredients are already perfect the way nature provides them.

What is your pantry craving?
Call me old fashioned/patriotic but Anzac biscuits. I love one with a cup of Dandelion Coffee.

About Alexi Freeman:
Alexi Freeman is a Melbourne-based fashion designer whose collections for women are manufactured locally incorporating elements of hand drawn & printed textiles worked into drape juxtaposed with tailoring. Informed by his grounding in printmaking and sculpture, Freeman’s eponymous label explores urbane elegance for modern women who are enamored by the past, but lust after the future.

Since beginning his odyssey from fine artist to fashion designer late last century, Freeman’s professional experiences have taken him from the Diemen Isle to the Bronx and back again.

It is this bricolage of experiences that planted the seeds of his fascination and seemingly inevitable decision to push all other interests aside to marry himself, irrevocably, to the continuation and indeed innovation of contemporary fashion.