Sommer Collier


FFF LOVES… Sommer’s deliciously addictive perspective on food.

What are your staples?
Olives, anchovy paste, honey, quinoa, dried fruit, almonds, olive oil and a wide array of vinegars.

What are your indulgences?
Good quality chocolate and ice cream.

What can’t you live without?
These don’t actually come out of my pantry… but I can’t live without creamy goat cheese, basil leaves and bacon. I’m always sneaking one of these in my dishes!

What is past its use-by-date?
Let’s see… I have a can of baby corn that has been in the pantry for who knows how long!

What is your pantry craving?
Someone told me of chocolate-balsamic vinegar… my pantry would REALLY enjoy that!

About Sommer (in her own words):
Wife, mommy, teacher, closet-writer, artist, constant volunteer, master of eBay…undercover cookery queen.

I have always loved to cook. My older brother tells stories about me, as a little girl, taking boxed cake mixes and whisking them with water.  Then I would pour the “batter” into mugs and zap them in the microwave! (No easy-bake oven in our house.) Apparently, my mom would make him eat my cakes and compliment my efforts. I’m not quite sure he ever fully recovered. Nowadays, I think he would say I’ve redeemed myself. As a family-taught, then self-taught cook, I have been exploring the culinary arts for many years. Through experimentation, I’ve not only learned a lot of useful techniques; I’ve learned a lot about myself.  

I’m often asked if I have a particular cooking style or an out-right culinary perspective. I love cooking things that brings back happy memories and foods from placed I’ve traveled. That covers a lot of ground! “All Things In Moderation” is my mantra. I care greatly about health, but also believe that life is short and we should enjoy the little pleasure, guilt free. I’d rather cook food that tastes amazing—and eat smaller portions—than stuff myself with “healthy” dishes void of flavor and appeal. In the RECIPE BOX you will find a mix of light, health-conscious dishes, global fare, and good ol’ American comfort food! 

Over the last 3 years I have been teaching a local cooking class called Confidence In The Kitchen. The class focuses on helping individuals get healthful, delicious meals on the table several nights a week, and to be at home in their kitchens. My goal is to provide easy-to-prepare recipes—with a little flair—and to teach the students to trust their instincts!