Stuart Membery


FFF LOVES… his unique style and ability to merge the vintage, classic, quirky and modern in one item, be it a shirt, a sunchair or painting.

What are your staples?
Bali is the home of “sunset drinks” I survive on Melba toast and nibbly-bits.

What are your indulgences?
I could live on crumbed chicken schnitzel, mashed potato and mushroom sauce.

What can’t you live without?
Carb’s sadly!!!

What is past its use-by-date?
My cook.

What is your pantry craving?
More space!

About Stuart Membery:
Stuart Membery is one of the world’s celebrated designers. His work spans architecture, interior, fashion, fine art and product design.

The Stuart’s progression from fashion to interior and finally architecture is all but unique. There have been many architects that have gravitated towards fashion but few who have convincingly moved in the opposite direction.

For Membery, branching out into furniture was a natural progression from his internationally successful Bed and Bath Collections.

The STUART MEMBERY HOME COLLECTION comprises of furniture, accessories, floor coverings and Lighting and the soon to be launched Membery brand extensions of textiles and top of table.

Membery mostly works with mahogany and rattan and his signature style echo the atmosphere of bygone eras. Colonial and plantation are popular themes that run through the STUART MEMBERY HOME COLLECTION.

Celebrating the beauty of traditional style while breaking some of its rules, you can take a page out of Membery’s book, and add your own sense of relaxed whimsy to create spaces that are versatile, original and truly livable. It’s all about blending a classic sensibility with a dose of irreverence and a dollop of humor to achieve an interior that is tasteful, eclectic and always welcoming.

Born in Perth WA Stuart now lives in Bali with his family.