Noni Creme


FFF LOVES… butterLONDON non-toxic lacquer in punk princess-inspired Portobello Pink, the dove grey hued Billy No Mates, and Teddy Boy, the perfect shade of dirty pink.

What are your staples?
I am a slave to the vintage black baby doll dress; must have 20 hanging in there. It’s truly the uniform of an ageing rocker and a sort of homage to Coco C.

What are your indulgences?
Has been shoes my entire life. Apparently as a child I insisted on sleeping with any new shoes placed carefully on top of the duvet so that I could touch and see them during the night. I did catch myself staring longingly at my new stilettos by the bedside this morning, so I must not have outgrown that one yet!

What can’t you live without?
My Vivienne Westwood shoes, in particular a pair of platform pirate boots with big jangly buckles that make me feel like a rock star.

What is past it’s use-by-date?
A hilarious Sonia Rykiel sweater dress with shoulder pads and giant red ruffles around the bottom. Seriously, why am I hanging on to that?

What is your wardrobe craving?
McQueen or perhaps some vintage Chanel jackets to be worn with torn-up lace dresses, sheer creamy tights and black stiletto shoeboots. Yum!

About Noni Creme:
Nonie holds a BA in Art History and Fine Arts from Scripps University in California and has always had a passion for nails and fashion. Her desire to work in both arenas led her to become a sought after, high-fashion session manicurist. Nonie’s work for clients such as Kate Moss, Vogue, H&M, Jimmy Choo, and Lancome have led her to be recognized as London’s leading manicurist. She now turns her hand to training, product design, and development for butter LONDON, bringing stunning, non-toxic nail care to the market.