Gabrielle Thompson


FFF LOVES… A woman who adores shoes so much, she makes them!

What are your staples?
Black and White Jersey pieces are the essentials for comfort and understated luxury.

What are you indulgences?
Shoes!! I must have over a hundred pairs!! I die for MARNI, Dries Van Noten and Marc Jacobs but now of course, I only wear tom gunn!

What can’t you live without?
Skirts and dresses. I have a beautiful print vintage Diane Von Furstenburg dress that gets an airing every summer.

What is past its use-by-date?
I just noticed a few scary lurex pieces hidden in the back of the wardrobe that need immediate removal!

What is your wardrobe craving?
Anything from Dries Van Noten - I want it all!

About Gabrielle Thompson:
Described as ‘sophisticated with an edge’, tom gunn shoes are designed in Australia and made in Italy by Gabrielle Thompson and Shannon Gunn.

Defined by the pairing of contrasting textures and colours across designs, the namesake label holds a strong focus on the silhouette of the shoe, with a mixture of demure flats, elegant stilettos and statement-making platform heels featuring throughout the seasonal collections.

With individual styling, tom gunn shoes are made with beautiful leathers and exotic skins sourced from some of the top Italian tanneries and suppliers used by many famed international fashion houses including CoSTUME NATIONAL, Marni, Gucci and Longchamp.

Launched in 2008 for the Spring/Summer season, tom gunn stemmed from a shared passion for individual design and the belief that shoes should be like works of art for your feet.

Training at the prestigious Ars Arpel School in Milan, the designers’ love of shoes was fuelled further as they learned the importance of craftsmanship and design, ensuring each shoe is immaculately made with exquisite style.

Since their label debut, the designers now split their time between Australia and Italy, designing, pattern-making and sourcing the finest materials in their quest to create the perfect shoe.

Three years on, the tom gunn label has continued to rise, and is stocked in some of Australia’s most prestigious retailers including Jean Brown Gallery, Directions,, Nancy King, Soletta, Chasing Bow and Stella & Myrrh.

2010 will also see the launch of the designers’ first collaboration with sophisticated Australian clothing brand SABA, where they have designed a unique colour palette across select designs from the collection, to be sold exclusively through select SABA stores.

As their signature style continues to evolve, it is their use of luxury materials, combined with their unique designs and unparalleled quality that has cemented tom gunn as one of the most coveted footwear labels in the Australian fashion industry.