Luke Mangan


FFF LOVES… Luke’s genius, no-nonsense approach to food, and his ability to whip up a a Royal Banquet for wedding guests of the Danish Crown Prince and his (then) Australian fiancée, Mary Donaldson.

Breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner?
A late lunch and dinner.

Where will you be dining?
I’d have a late lunch at El Bulli in Spain and then catch a chopper to Saint Tropez and have dinner with lots of Rosé wine.

What music are you listening to?
Frank Sinatra.

What are you wearing?
A pair of board shorts, t-shirt and a baseball cap.

What are you going to eat?
A steak with fries and béarnaise sauce, and a bottle of red.

About Luke Mangan:
Luke Mangan is a multi-award winning and internationally recognised Australian chef and restaurateur, media personality and an active participant in food and industry events both within Australia and internationally. Luke’s career began at  15 under the tutelage of the great Herman Schneider at the famed Two Faces restaurant in Melbourne. After completing his apprenticeship, Luke moved to London to work under the guidance of the chef and owner of The Waterside Inn, a three star Michelin restaurant in Berkshire, England. It was here that his love affair with top quality produce and cuisine as well as a distinct soft spot for French classics began. Luke has owned and operated a number of award winning restaurants and bars. His current portfolio of restaurants includes Glass Brasserie at the Hilton Sydney, Salt Tokyo in Japan, and South Food + Wine in San Francisco, with more planned in the near future. Luke is also a consultant for Virgin Group, a role secured after Virgin’s owner Richard Branson invited him to be a celebrity guest chef on his private island. In 2004, Luke was invited by the Australian Embassy in Copenhagen to showcase a number of Australian menus during the week of the royal wedding of Crown Prince Frederik and Mary Donaldson. More recently he was invited by the Red Cross and Danish Embassy to cook for the royal couple at several events on their Royal Australian Tour in March 2007. Appearing on a number of food programs both in Australia and overseas, Luke is Channel Nine’s Today Show chef and has featured on NBC’s Today Show many times. Recently Luke filmed his first TV program in Asia, Appetising Adventures with Luke Mangan, which recently aired in the US and Australia. Luke is the author of three cookbooks, including BLD, co-authored by Sydney Morning Herald journalist Lisa Hudson, Luke Mangan Food, and more recently Luke Mangan Classics. He has also worked as a food editor, penning popular columns in the Good Living section of The Sydney Morning Herald and Epicure in The Age in Melbourne.