Diana Yen

Diana Yen (L) with her Jewels of New York Partner Lisel ArroyoWHO: DIANA YEN

FFF LOVES… the Jewels clever cookie take on the Fabergé egg (below).

Breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner?
Since it’s the very last one, I’d like to have the experience flow over the course of an entire day. Eating bit by bit, remembering, savoring, and enjoying the pleasure of good food.

Where will you be dining?
I think it’s important to enjoy the last meal with family, since some of the most meaningful meals that we have are with our loved ones. I would dine at the beach near my childhood home in California and also eat with them in Hong Kong.

What music are you listening to?
I’m listening to the sound of the ocean, my sisters giggling, my parents whispering to each other.

What are you wearing?
In California I’m wearing shorts, a t-shirt and am barefoot whenever possible. In Hong Kong, we’re more polished so I’m going to wear a simple black dress.

Picture: www.thejewelsofny.comWhat are you going to eat?
I would start by having my mom make my favorite chinese breakfast, which is congee with thousand year old egg and curry panfried noodles with seafood. It’s basic everyday food, but what’s important is that it’s been made with love. When you don’t get to enjoy it as often, you begin to really miss it!

We would then go to the farmers’ market and find some delicious California produce, and make something simple with what we find. It’s really about what’s in season and keeping things close to their natural state.

The end of this meal would take place in Hong Kong, where we would have a huge seafood feast with my entire family.

About Diana Yen….
Originally from California, Diana graduated from CCA with a degree in product design and has been working in the home and textile industry since 2005. She has worked for Williams-Sonoma, Crate and Barrel, Birsel+Seck and Betesh Group in New York. During her years in San Francisco she became inspired by the seasonal food and lifestyle movement pioneered by Alice Waters and the importance of sharing fresh simple meals with friends. Diana and her business partner Lisel Arroyo met in New York while designing home collections for Colin Cowie, leading celebrity wedding planner. Their passion for lifestyle design and food brought them together creating The Jewels of New York, a mission to uncover the hidden treasures New York has to offer and share them with friends through a collection of seasonal recipes and specialty holiday cookies.