Henry Roth

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FFF LOVES… the many strings to Henry’s bow!

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner?
Dinner that never ends. Ever!

Where will you be dining?
On the whole planet, I am in Love with a Tapas bar in Melbourne’s little Collins street called Bar Louhrinah. The food is sublime and melts in your mouth, but also the food arrives as tapas does with waves of dishes and delicious flavours.They have the best red wines and I always always start with a Cappuccino Martini and order a few!! I can see myself there now and it is all open space and communal tables raised at bar level. I crave the place when I am in New York. I am a Sydney boy, but this experience has my name on it in capital letters. Food, atmosphere and cocktail heaven in the way that ONLY Melbourne can do and does… look at me, talk about getting carried away!

What music are you listening to?
Generations of Love, a Boy George classic and from the musical Annie… ‘The sun will come out tomorrow’.

What are you wearing?
A beautiful, classic black tie suit, probably from Hugo Boss or Ted Baker. A button down black Armani shirt and a silver Theory tie. Black lace-up shoes and a smile on my face. If this is it, then may as well go smiling I say!

What are you going to eat?
Tapas, forever!

About Henry Roth:
Well known for his spec wearing style as a mentor on Project Runaway Australia, fashion designer Henry Roth arrived to the United States in 1997 armed with his family’s wedding business history where we was managing director of Henri Josef Bridal- Australia’s leading bridal company also specializing in bridesmaids, formals and cocktail dresses. Henry joined his sister Michelle Roth in New York and together they created two well known brands – Michelle Roth Couture and Henry Roth “Style for Your Aisle” ™.
Henry quickly became known for his ideas, flair and marketing diversity. His magnetic communication skills catapulted the business and together, brother and sister made their specific and indelible niche in the wedding dress business by designing signature dresses.

In 1984 Henry graduated from the University of Sydney with a Law degree. Implementing his education creatively Henry worked at the mega advertising agency BBDO. In 1986 Henry was vigorously sought after and landed a position in one of Australia’s largest and best known entertainment company’s – Michael Edgley. He marketed special events that took him from Australia. In 1987 Henry moved to London continuing to specialize in entertainment marketing where he joined Harvey Goldsmith Entertainment – Europe’s largest concert promoter.

Since 1998 both Henry and Michelle have been featured extensively on the most watched national entertainment shows – Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, The View, Full Frontal Fashion, CNN and many more. Henry was also the Judge for 2 years on “Style Court” for the Style Network.

Henry Weinreich lives both in Sydney, Australia and New York City as managing director of Henri Josef and business partner with his sister Michelle Roth in New York. He is a passionate poet, DJ’s professionally and is into hip hop. Most recently, Roth has been announced as the Specsavers Style Ambassador.