Kirsten Carriol


FFF LOVES… Lanolips in Rhubarb. The delicious shade was inspired by her Grandmother’s rhubarb and banana puddings. Mmm… lipsmacking. 

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner?

Where will you be dining?
At the hottest Parisian restaurant of the moment, on the rockstar table, with six of my closest friends, my immediate family and my children of course. 

What music are you listening to?
Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap

What are you wearing?
A slinky Chanel Couture dress

What are you going to eat?
First I would have the perfect Apple Martini; a little sour with sugar on the rim of the glass. Then I would have Crab Omelette. For main course it would be a mouthwatering Gnooci with a three cheese sauce and for dessert it would be a hot chocolate fondant pudding. All washed down with Veuve Clicquot.

About Kirsten Carriol:
Kirsten Carriol has spent 10 years owning and running her own PR Agency specialising in all things beauty, cosmetics, hair care and other gorgeous, lifestyle products. Kirsten has also consulted on colour ranges for beauty companies. 

Kirsten used lanolin as a little girl when her Father, a Professor of Molecular Biology & Genetics insisted that it was simply the best moisturiser a skin could get. Couple this with many farm holidays at her Grandparents property where she spent hours in the sheep shearing sheds, lanolin became an integral part of her childhood. As time passed on she discovered lip glaces, lip glosses and lipsticks, but never really found anything that lived up to lanolin. 

Six years ago on her way to the airport in Paris she was contemplating the long flight ahead and lack of products good enough for the drying on-air climate. It was then that she decided to bring lanolin back to the world and Lanolips™ was born. A labour of love ever since, Kirsten has finally created her dream product… merging glamour, nature, no-nonsense and simplicity.

Kirsten is truly addicted to the perfection of lanolin and wants everyone to rediscover this magical ingredient.