Juliet Love


FFF loves… Juliet’s eye for all things gorgeous, and her ability to multitask with style.

What are your staples?
Lots of yummy fresh fruit and vegetables –
I like to eat food as close to the way nature provides it as possible, as well as rice milk, muesli, vanilla yoghurt, marinated goats cheese and grainy bread.

What are your indulgences?
Caviar and Champagne, pizza (it has to be authentic though - a thin base and simple topping), a cold beer on a hot day with friends outdoors, and any kind of cheese! 

What can’t you live without?
Fresh sashimi, and tea – I will have a variety of tea in my pantry at any one time but my favourites are white tea and green tea. Drinking tea is so therapeutic!

What is past its use-by-date?
Nothing! I just did a big spring clean!

What is your pantry craving?
More Champagne!

About Juliet Love:
Juliet has always had a passion for design, commencing her career at Vogue Living magazine where she worked as Merchandising Editor, styling photographic shoots and sourcing the latest products in the design world. Juliet also worked across the titles Vogue Entertaining & Travel and Vogue Apartment Living, which provided an excellent foundation for her role hosting the new Lifestyle Channel TV show, The Party Garden™.

In The Party Garden™, Juliet offers inspiration and advice to turn any backyard into a beautiful space for any entertaining occasion. Apart from her role on The Party Garden™, Juliet has also appeared as the design expert on several prime time television shows, giving her opinion on interior, fashion and lifestyle trends. 

As a qualified Interior Designer & Stylist, having graduated from the prestigious Commercial Arts Training College, Juliet also has her own styling business. Most recently, Juliet has been working at EDIT, the decorative home wares business owned by former Vogue Director Sharyn Storrier Lyneham.

Juliet believes that everyone should surround themselves with beautiful things, and that anyone can achieve a stylish space with the right advice. She has a knack for creating a stylish look on a budget and is currently penning her first book which will offer readers tips on how to achieve a designer look suited to their personal style in their own home, even on a restricted budget. 

One of Juliet’s missions is to show people the difference a beautiful environment can make to your life – whether outside or in, a well designed, creative space can have an enormous positive impact on your life.