Kate Morris

VISIT: www.adorebeauty.com

FFF LOVES… her life!  A world brimming with beauty products is exactly where we would love to be!

What are your staples?
Olive oil; Murray River Salt; Vegemite; muesli. I’m a baking nut so I always have flour (plain, SR and Italian 00), sugar (caster, brown and icing), baking powder, bicarb, almond meal, and vanilla. And there’s always unsalted butter and a carton of eggs in the fridge.

What are you indulgences?
Fancy baking supplies - Tahitian vanilla extracts, Tasmanian raspberry jam, and imported Billingtons sugars (muscovado and golden icing), French cheese, and pinot noir.

What can’t you live without?
Cheese - all kinds, except that awful stuff with fruit in it. Dench wholegrain bread.

What is past its use-by-date?
A box of shortbread that someone gave me two Christmases ago. Or was it three Christmases? And a bag of lentils. I hate lentils.

What is your pantry craving?
My pantry needs a big clean-out; I’m quite sure the condiments are multiplying in there. How many half-full bottles of balsamic vinegar or fish sauce does a girl really need?

About Kate Morris:
In 2000 Monash university business graduate Kate Morris was inspired to create Adorebeauty.com.au Australia’s first online beauty boutique.

A true ‘beauty addict,’ it was the culmination of a part-time job on a cosmetic counter and memories of wanting - but never being able to get - the latest beauty products in her home town of Launceston, Tasmania, that drove Morris to create an online store where women would be able to get the products that they loved when they wanted, no matter where they lived.

Kate launched Adorebeauty.com.au with the help of business partner James Height. Originally operating from a garage, the business grew from one order a week, to 50 000 customers in 2007, to where it currently sits with over 110 000 visits each month and an annual turnover of $3 000 000+. 2010 marks 10 years in business for Kate Morris’ Adorebeauty.com.au