Bianca Daly


FFF LOVES… Bianca’s modern, simplistic and exquisitely constructed pieces. She is one to watch.

What are your staples?
Fresh pasta — fettuccine, tagliatelle and pappardelle are my favourites. Also roast vegetables — potato, golden and purple sweet potato, carrot and Spanish onion roasted with garlic… they go perfectly with the eye fillet from my local butcher and thick creamy homemade mushroom sauce.

What are you indulgences?
Champagne and chocolate pudding (probably not together!) or any dessert really… soufflé, sticky date pudding… the list goes on…

What can’t you live without?
Freshly made Mediterranean dip from my local deli with warm Turkish bread and a nice bottle of red wine, or cheese and red wine, Belgian chocolates and red wine… anything with wine really!

What is past its use-by-date?
Living on the Gold Coast and working in Brisbane means limited time for cooking and a lot of the fresh fruit and vegetables we buy end of needing to be thrown out — such a waste!

What is your pantry craving?
Fresh ingredients to make a Thai or Indian curry and lots of chocolate!

About Bianca:
Bianca Daly is the young Qld designer behind the blanc + delta label, which is quickly becoming known for its mixture of delicate silk garments and fresh directional pieces.

Bianca’s inspiration comes through a collision of themes and experiences which are translated each season in soft intricate detailing with panelled and ruffled components and contrasted with heavy metal finishes and features. Natural fabrications are key, especially silk and are usually featured in a soft, subdued colour palette.

The label’s name loosely translates as “Bianca’s revolution” (Bianca means ‘white’ in Italian, delta is the symbol for change), with the label representing Bianca’s own transformative style each season.

As well as the boutique in Brisbane City blanc + delta is stocked in a handful of selected boutiques throughout Australia.