Lydia-Jane Saunders


FFF LOVES… her quirky and colourful jewellery collections.

What are your staples?
Black leggings, colourful tops and sparkly shoes.

What are your indulgences?
My favourite indulgence is my orange and black Gucci Hobo bag and my Matthew Williamson purple coat with bright pink stitching. I can’t wait until winter to wear it again. My third indulgence are shoes — all shoes: heels, flats, boots. A friend calls my spare room The Shoe Room. So true!

What can’t you live without?
Colour. I very rarely wear all black. Also jewellery.

What is past its use-by-date?
A lot of my wardrobe as I’m a hoarder. My mother had amazing clothes that I would wear today had she not thrown them out. I’d like to keep my precious clothes for my future daughter.

What is your wardrobe craving?
Paul and Joe has the most amazing purple backless dress with silver adornments on the shoulders. It is divine but I am on a self imposed spending ban for a few months!

About Lydia-Jane Saunders:
Lydia-Jane Saunders is a Sydney based contemporary jewellery designer and fashion stylist who also regularly travels to London. Her work covers Fashion and Beauty publications, Celebrity portraiture, Designer look books, Advertising, Stock Photography, Fashion catwalk shows and Still Life/Props.

Lydia-Jane is the creator and producer of her self-titled label. Lydia has always had a love of fashion and accessories. She started a jewellery label at 20 years of age before relocating to London to be a Fashion Stylist. Whilst Lydia is now back home and regarded as one of Sydney’s great stylists, it was only a natural leap back into jewellery. She believes a career in Styling and Jewellery very much complement each other.

Her label is inspired by her love of the fine things in life and her exceptional eye for detail. Throughout her life Lydia has been fortunate enough to live in Sydney, London and Luxembourg. These experiences and travel have helped develop her creative flair and eye for beauty.