Rebecca Thompson


FFF LOVES… her label’s Boho style and use of luxurious fabrics.

What are your staples?
Mother of pearl ring on finger always, glossed lips and Rebecca Thompson plait dress – I have about 4 different versions of this frock, its my no brainer staple.

What are your indulgences?
Two new purchases of Copenhagen’s fabulous D.CO tall suede boots in Texas Taupe and Midnight Blue — just had to have them! I did have a vision when purchasing, knowing they would look great with our latest  collection “Midnight at the Oasis”.

What can’t you live without?
Rebecca Thompson ¾ “Sparkle” jacket, peps up any basic outfit from white jeans and singlet to any plain dress. It’s a saviour.

What is past its use-by-date?
A lot of my basics need to be replaced from sport socks to the long sleeve plain black and white tops.

What is your wardrobe craving?
A new piece of Chelsea De Luca Jewellery — something beautiful and statement making. A new leather jacket to throw over day dresses for winter and a pair Zoe Kratzman tangerine suede pumps… can’t wait to christen them!

About Rebecca Thompson:
Rebecca Thompson, 36, was 18 years old when she joined the fashion industry. After being knocked back the first time (she was knocked back a total of 3 times) from RMIT fashion she studied Art & Design for less than 6 months. Deciding that she had no interest in being  an artist, Rebecca applied for fashion positions. Where she eventually landed a position at a fashion agency.
Rebecca later returned to study, but never completed the 4 years P/T Fashion textiles and merchandising degree at MIT (now affiliated with RMIT). After 16 years as a keen observer of behind-the-scenes rag trade action, Rebecca Thompson decided the time was right to bring her own line of deliciously different clothing and accessories into the spotlight.
Hence in 2000, whilst residing in Sydney, Rebecca Thompson’s self titled label was born. A month after the label started she moved back to Melbourne and hasn’t looked back since. Her melting pot style and timeless quality has struck a chord with the Australian press and television industry, with the inimitable Rebecca Thompson style being featured in the enormously popular Secret Life of Us, Rove Live and in more than one celebrity marquee at every Spring Racing Carnival since the year 2000.
Today Rebecca Thompson live 3 to 4 months in Delhi, with her “Indian family” who have completely adopted her and for the rest of the year she resides at home in Melbourne. Half way through the year, Rebecca Thompson’s label will celebrate its 10th anniversary.