James Richards



FFF LOVES… a man after our FFF heart! This is the place where mens fashion and food collide. Heaven on a stick.  

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner?
Weekend Lunch — my all time favourite!

Where will you be dining?
At home, beside my BBQ with family and friends and fresh seasonal produce, usually seafood, meat and salads.

What music are you listening to?
Easy listening: Roy Orbiston, Robbie Williams — just cruisey!

What are you wearing?
Zu Elements jeans and Borelli polo shirt.

What are you going to eat?
To start the classic Tiger prawns and cocktail sauce combo followed by great steaks with a caprese salad with buffalo mozarella, vine ripened tomatoes, freshly picked basil, olive oil and 25 year old balsamic vinegar, all washed down with a Mt Mary chardonnay and Barossa Shiraz.

About James Richard:
Director of this opulent unique two-level menswear store in the heart of the Brtisbane CBD, Richard James stocks renowned and exclusive labels from the finest fashion houses around the globe, think Cantarelli, Versace, Faconnable et al. Choose from the latest collections of luxury sportswear, streetwear, tailored suits and accessories. Whilst waiting for your alterations to be completed, hit the R&R Cafe Bar for lunch. Our pick - the Veal Cutlet with White Truffle and Spinach Florentine and a glass or two of Two Hands Sexy Beast Cabernet Sauvignon 2009.

Whitney Pozgay


FFF LOVES … her cute, quirky style. Check out her website … we die!

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner?
This one is a tough choice, but since we are going all out for my imaginary last meal, I am going to go with an incredibly decadent dinner with my most indulgent friends.

Where will you be dining?
We will be eating in an old haunted New Orleans courtyard at a very long table lined with old candlesticks spilled over with wax and tons of magnolias.

What music are you listening to?
We will start with old New Orleans jazz and then build to fun rock like T-Rex and Bowie. Perfect for everyone to dance on the table to after desert when everyone is good and sauced. Dancing is required.

What are you wearing?
Something frothy and over the top from Giambatista Valli with some sort of whimsical shoe from either Yves Saint Laurent or Lanvin. In my fantasy, I am much fancier that I am in real life … ha ha!

What are you going to eat?
To start we will have goat cheese salad with arugula and roasted beats, followed by a seafood tower piled high with lobster, crawfish, and oysters. The main will be petite fillet au poivre with mashed potatoes (my moms to be exact) and brussel sprouts with bacon. For dessert we will each have cotton candy and profiteroles in the shape of swans (I had the later when I was 14 and have craved it since).

All of course served with plenty of wine and finished off with delicious coffee. 

About Whitney
Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Whitney graduated from The University of Texas in Austin with a degree in theatre, concentrating in costume design. After a final semester at the Sorbonne, she moved to New York in  the fall of 2003.

Whitney began her career at Kate Spade New York, while honing her skills at Parsons and the Fashion Institute of Technology.

At Kate Spade, Whitney’s responsibilities grew from designing cold weather accessories to playing an integral role in the re-launch of apparel. Pozgay also oversaw Kate Spade’s collaboration with the avant garde collective Three Asfour.

In 2007, Whitney became lead women’s wear designer at Steven Alan where she also spearheaded and designed women’s collaborations including Steven Alan for Uniqlo and Urban Outfitters’ brand Lark and Wolff.

She left Steven Alan in 2009 to realize her long time dream of venturing out on her own. She launched WHIT for the fall 2010 season

Morgan McGlone

VISIT: www.flindersinn.com

FFF LOVES… Morgan’s self described ‘food geek’ status.

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner?
A LONG lunch … at least five hours.

Where will you be dining?
Asador Extebarri
in the Basque country or L’Astrance in Paris.

What music are you listening to?
I love jazz and samba, so John Coltrane and Zeca Pagadinho.

What are you wearing?
Hoodie, T-shirt, jeans and trainers … going out in style.

What are you going to eat?
Degustation menu please! Including truffles, foie gras, baby eels and jamon…

About Morgan McGlone:
Morgan McGlone, a kiwi-born third generation chef, has always been two things - a food geek and All Blacks supporter. Starting out at Sydney culinary institutions including Summit and Luke Mangan’s CBD and Salt Restaurants, he moved to New York’s Upper East Side as a private chef in 2001. While in the US, he started his own catering and chef agency, based in Los Angeles and New York. A hiatus from the chef life saw Morgan working as a fashion model agent in Paris and in 2008, he moved back to Sydney and the kitchen, opening his much lauded French bistro, Flinders Inn with his brother Rick in 2009. When not in the kitchen Morgan plays an instrumental part of the young chef collective TOYS (Taste of Young Sydney) and still gets nervous when asked to cook for his beloved All Blacks.

Richard Cilli

VISIT: www.vanheusen.com.au

FFF LOVES… A man who loves dance AND dessert. Swoon…

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner?
Definitely lunch because you can legitimately start a lunch at breakfast time and have it go until dinner time (at least you could with my Italian family!).

Where will you be dining?
On a yacht in a lagoon of the Ningaloo Reef near Coral Bay.

What music are you listening to?
My own private string quartet playing covers of all my favourites: Bon Iver, Radiohead and a healthy dose of 90’s and 00’s pop for fun.

What are you wearing?
My Van Heusen Performa suit, thongs and a pair of Ray-Bans.

What are you going to eat?
Entree: Oysters and sashimi with an NZ Marlborough Pinot Gris.

Main: A Thai extravaganza! It must include at least an amazing Massaman (just the right amount of sweet sour salty and spicy) and a Som Tum (Papaya Salad). I’ll be drinking Pinot Noir.

Dessert: This will be the main event. I’m getting a bit better but I still challenge anyone to find a bigger sweet tooth than mine (maybe that’s the secret to where I get all my energy for dancing — hee hee!). A degustation of the most creative desserts from the best culinary talents around Australia. Macaroons to start and to finish, a chunk of rocky road and a big glass of icy water.

About Richard Cilli
Recently listed in Harper’s Bazaar’s 100 people to watch in 2010, Perth born Richard Cilli first crossed paths with dance at STEPS Youth Dance Company. Here he performed contemporary dance work throughout his teenage years, culminating in being the joint recipient of the Ausdance WA award for outstanding achievement in choreography for Dash in 2007. After briefly studying Law/Arts (Politics and International Studies), Richard began his professional training at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). He undertook a semester abroad in Taiwan, studying Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and Chinese Dance. Upon graduating, Richard was recipient of the award for most outstanding graduating student, having performed the work of Sue Healy, Nacho Duato, Gary Stewart and Kim McCarthy.

 Immediately after graduating, Richard successfully auditioned for Rafael Bonachela’s Sydney Dance Company where he remains a full time member. Works performed with the company include Bonachela’s We Unfold, 360˚, 6 Breaths, and Soledad, Kenneth Kvarnstrom’s Mercury, Adam Linder’s Are We That We Are, and Emanuel Gat’s Satisfying Musical Moments.

Richard was recently named Best Male Dancer at the 2010 Helpmann Awards held at the Sydney Opera House for his performance of We Unfold. Richard is also developing his skills as a choreographer, having made his first short work on SDC dancers entitled End of the Freeway. Richard is currently the face of the Van Heusen Performa range of suits and shirts.

Carolyn Donovan

VISIT: www.carolyndonovan.com

FFF LOVES… Her uber-glammy looks, spunky attitude and hysterical humour. She is the package!

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner?
I will readily admit…I LOVE EATING. I love everything about it: whether shopping for food or scanning a restaurant menu. The expectancy aroused by the sight and smell of the different combinations. The fabulous company and conversation that simply being around food attracts … I could go on and on. So after a long ponder, I have chosen breakfast, lunch AND dinner!

Where will you be dining? 
Breakfast: with my entire family — all 20 of us — when all the girls (the boys are too slow and get in the way) make a huge mess in the kitchen as we produce a massive feast of bacon, poached eggs, mushroom, tomato and wilted spinach; and freshly squeezed orange juice. What a perfect start to the day.

Lunch: would be with favourite girlfriends at Bistro C in Noosa on a hot summer day.

Dinner: with my husband and close friends. Still in Noosa. Most probably at Rickys on the river.

What music are you listening to?
We don’t usually have music at breakfast, but there is often the sound of Dora the Explorer — or some other morning television character — drifting in from another room.

Lunch: I would need to borrow my neighbour’s iPod as he has the best mix of I have ever heard. (We can have a five hour dining experience with him, not hear the same song twice, and sing along to every single one!). It has every song I have ever loved from the 70s right through to now.

Dinner: I love live music.

What are you wearing?
Breakfast: Unashamedly make-up and accessory free, pony-tailed, baggy Peter Alexander PJ pants and a favourite t-shirt.

Lunch: A long strapless black cotton dress, metallic sandals — perfect for sitting around on a sweltering day, but simple and elegant enough to not feel like a melted mess — finished off with slicked back hair, and  massive hoop earrings (with swimmers ready to go for when we need a quick ocean dip later in the afternoon).

Dinner: The white Halston dress Carrie wore in the opening of Sex in the City 2, with a sky high nude shoe, gold clutch … and a light bronze tan (fake of course!)

What are you going to eat?
Breakfast: As above.

Lunch: A platter of Spanish style dips, olives, and mezze inspired entrées, char-grilled baby octopus and deliciously light salt and pepper squid. And any salad that involves mango, coriander and lime in the dressing.

Dinner: I always get the steak … and then drive my husband nuts by picking off his plate, because he always orders seafood … which I then want too! I love to share. That’s what the perfect dining experience is all about for me. (Even at home, when we eat together, the table is as beautiful as we can make it — even a palm frond in a vase can work — and we each have to SHARE the best thing that happened to us that day!)

About Carolyn and Chooks in Stilettos:
In an industry synonymous for having the shelf life of a banana, Carolyn Donovan has already scored a major coup by beating the odds and remaining in high demand as a model for over two decades.

With more than her fair share of bad hair days, major wardrobe malfunctions and decidedly un-yummy mummy moments, Ms Donovan has written a book called “Chooks in Stilettos” smashing any illusions we may have of models sipping champagne with celebrities swathed in designer gowns that cover a cellulite, pimple free body seven days a week. Instead, Carolyn pulls back the VIP curtains and allows us into a world of laughter, challenges and sheer hard work. She treats us to stories of the three boob dress, telling Elvis jokes to Priscilla Presley, and how to make a pimple a work of art.

Mixing motherhood and modelling has brought its own kind of special madness. Bridging the gap between the make believe world of modelling and the day to day realities of a model’s life, Carolyn Donovan writes like “Kathy Lette meets Chicken Soup for the Soul.”

“Donovan is to the Australian modelling industry what Mia Freedman is to magazines,” writes Cosmopolitan’s book reviewer, Erica Bartle. “She is so utterly likable, so refreshingly real and fun and honest, that you will not want her book to end. Ever.”

“Glamazon Carolyn Donovan exposes the wacky world of the modelling industry; this time as an author. A darned funny author as it turns out,” says fellow author Michael Jacobson.

She shares laugh till you snort moments: how morning sickness can actually enhance a romantic ocean shoot, extra special parenting moments you won’t read in a manual, and of course, running through the mud in stilettos while rescuing her chooks.

Meeta K


FFF LOVES… Meeta’s discerning eye for the delicious things in life.

Breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner?
Dinner. Although I am big on brunch I think my last meal would be dinner, just before the sun begins to set.

Where will you be dining?
On the banks of a Norwegian fjord. I recently came back from a two week trip to Norway and seem to have left my heart there. I truly feel in love with the country - God’s country! A long table would be set and all my family and dearest friends would be there.

What music are you listening to?
All my favorite 80s songs. This would definitely includee a-ha, Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys.

What are you wearing?
An maxi elegant dress - probably in red or black.

What are you going to eat?
A variety of dishes, spicy, lots of seafood and lamb. Fresh roasted vegetables, cheese and fruit. All my favorite desserts from mousse au chocolat to crème brulèe to a variety of pastries and cakes. For once I would not have to watch my hips and waistline!

About Meeta K:
Meeta’s award winning blog, What’s For Lunch, Honey? is inspired by her childhood as a hotelier’s daughter and a lifestyle which enabled her to travel the world, learn several languages and discover a multitude of different cultures.

Born in India, Meeta was brought up in and went on to train in some of the world’s finest hotels where food was always a huge part of her life. Meeta’s love for food photography stems from her obsession with food itself and she combines her two greatest passions on her multi-faceted, globally-oriented blog ‘What’s For Lunch, Honey?’ reflects her life and lifestyle and is a mix of research, discoveries and elaborate cooking experiments gone sometimes right and sometimes wrong. She documents her recipes with her powerful yet refreshing food photography and styling whilst sharing anecdotal stories about being a citizen of the world and raising a multi-cultural family.

As a freelance food photographer and writer, she currently lives in the culturally rich city of Weimar in Germany with her German husband and their 7-year-old son, where she enjoys cooking multi-cultural home cooked meals with fresh organic ingredients. When she is not styling, photographing or writing about food Meeta loves traveling around the world, exploring new cultures and capturing it all on camera.

Kelly & Kristin at dinner du jour

VISIT: www.dinnerdujour.org

FFF LOVES… their life saving recipes with chic twist. Be sure to check out their 30 minute meals - we swear by the Linguine with Chilli, Crab and Watercress, and Eton Mess.

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner?

Where will you be dining?
L’Etoile in Madison, Wisconsin, which has a strong commitment to supporting local farms and artisan producers.

What music are you listening to?
Stan Getz.

What are you wearing?
Something like an easy-wearing black jersey wrap dress with polka dot sling-backs for Kelly and red Miz Mooz flats for Kristin.

What are you going to eat?
Heirloom tomato gazpacho, foie gras with peppered blueberry confit and maple syrup, and braised lamb with ratatouille and red pepper sausage. And as long as it’s our last meal, we’d splurge on the cheese platter with 29 different cheeses to finish.

About Kelly & Kristin:
Kelly and Kristin write the blog dinnerdujour from their bases in the US and Ireland. Both are self-taught home cooks who believe in feeding their families well with fresh, seasonal and wholesome ingredients. They are both working moms, so even though they love to cook and bake, they also know what it’s like to have to get a tasty, nutritious dinner on the table in a hurry at the end of a long day.

Kelly is an attorney, practising in the areas of immigration and employment law. Her son (3) and daughter (1) keep her busy, balanced and constantly amused. Kristin is a freelance editor specialising in cookbooks and educational textbooks. She has a daughter (5) and son (2) who love to help out in the kitchen and garden.

Skye Craig


FFF LOVES… Skye’s clever and imaginative use of the Australian native flavours and seriously good for you ingredients that make up her Wild Sugar range.

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner?
A lavish, lengthy lunch.

Where will you be dining and what are you going to eat??
We’ll kick off this fine feast with Kam Fook Bondi Junction as they miraculously deliver their perfect prawn and chive gow gee accompanied by a glass of Louis Roederer champagne to Balding Bay on Magnetic Island.

Next we are off to Vézelay Burgundy France where we visit the sweetest little chateaux which my parents and I stumbled across a few years ago – incredible food with views to match. Here we gorge ourselves silly on Confit duck with pears poached in Irancy red wine.

Beam us up Scotty as we head to my mother’s deck nestled in the roling hills of Currumbin Valley South East Queensland. Here my family and I will belly laugh our way through the incredible dessert degustation by Shaun Quade from Urbane in Brisbane.

What music are you listening to?
Jose Gonzallez and Massive Attack’s Blue Lines album

What are you wearing?
My Manning Cartel black dress with a 50’s tiny shoe print, my Ralph Lauren red strappy heels and my woven silver bracelet that my two best friends gave me for my 30th birthday … which of course was just this year ;)

About Skye Craig
Skye Craig loves to make sweet treats that quite simply, make you smile.

Hailed for her unorthodox methods and decadent desserts on the second series of the ratings juggernaut MasterChef, Skye Craig fast became known in lounge rooms across Australia as the dessert queen. Her years working as a graphic designer paid off as Australia watched her create stunning sweets made with creativity and flair.

Her insatiable passion for desserts has propelled her into her new business Wild Sugar where she continues to inspire and delight Brisbane shoppers with her unique and decadent sweets.

From sumptuous chocolate dairy desserts to Lemon Myrtle and Raspberry semifreddo made on all organic, raw and healthy ingredients, you’ll find a sweet treat in the Wild Sugar range to put a smile on your face.

“I love to give people options when it comes to desserts.” I have a huge passion for dairy desserts as well as raw desserts. “The reason why you would lean towards using raw food in a dish is that the ingredients are alive – all of the nutritional content is retained and it hasn’t been cooked out. There’s a real vitality and freshness about that kind of food.”

Every time Skye creates one of her dishes, she feels closer to her sister Erin, who tragically died in 2002. Erin was devoted to the world of sustainable, organic and raw food movement, and her death inspired Skye to learn more about the style of cooking.

Skye has come along way since she learnt to make pikelets as a seven-year-old from a child’s cookbook that her mum gave her. Her six months of hard work in the MasterChef kitchen, her warmth, effervescence, infectious smile and desserts to die for have seen Skye become a much loved household name. The dessert queen is currently developing an incredible national line of Wild Sugar desserts, attending personal appearances, magazine shoots and considering writing her own Wild Sugar dessert book.

Amber Renae

VISIT: www.amberrenae.com

FFF LOVES … Amber’s ability to look anything but mellow in show-stopping yellow.

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner?
Well we’d sleep in of course, so let’s start at lunch!

Where will you be dining?
We’d start at my favourite Shabu Shabu restaurant in Nishi Azabu, Tokyo. Following a quick shop down Omotesando we’d jet over to Rue de Saint Germaine for a Kir Royale aperitif and a browse on the Champs-Elysees before joining my brother for mouth-watering tapas in Seville, Spain. And finish the night in Cape Town dancing at the Fashion TV Bar!

What music are you listening to?
Old school Michael Jackson.

What are you wearing?
Gucci Fall 2004 — Tom Ford’s last collection for the house. I would never wear head-to-toe one designer, but for my last Supper I want to be draped in my favourite collection. There would be at least six outfit changes throughout the day. 

What are you going to eat?
More than I should!

About Amber Renae:
Style and design are in Amber’s DNA. A qualified Civil Engineer, Amber Renae transitioned from constructing roads to constructing dresses when she started her own fashion label in 2002. The label earned industry acclaim and achieved instant success, showcased in high-end fashion boutiques across Australia, Japan, France, New Zealand and the United States.

Closer to home, Amber’s debut collection was quickly snapped up by Australian heavyweight David Jones and its appeal among celebrities including Paris Hilton ensured editorial success in Madison, Shop till you Drop, and Cosmopolitan magazines.

A celebrated style icon, Amber has been recognised within the industry with her appointment to the board of the inaugural Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival, was selected to discuss ‘innovation in fashion’ with the Australian Government’s Parliamentary Secretary for Trade, and featured in the second series of Arena TV’s Project Runway Australia. This phenomenal success led to her appointment as the founding Fashion Editor for online lifestyle magazine: X&Y.

Alvin Quah

WHAT: MasterChef Top Ten & Food Blogger

FFF LOVES… Alvin’s delicious personality, passion for food and his knock-out signature dish ‘Drunken & Bruised!

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner?
All four!

What music are you listening to?

What are you wearing?
Jeans, t-shirt and boots.

Where will you be dining and what will you eat?
For breakfast, Malaysian Congee or Thai Rice soup.
For brunch, French Sourdough toast and Donna Hay’s Maple Bacon.
For lunch, Nasi goreng and kicap manis sotong from Temasek, Parramatta (71 George St, Parramatta Sydney Tel (02) 9633 9926)
For dinner, anything from Red Lantern, Surry Hills but especially their Sour Sop dumplings.

About Alvin Quah:
Excitable, affable and unfailingly enthusiastic, Alvin is poles apart from the stereotype of a science expert. After numerous years studying, and with a pharmaceutical career behind him, Alvin says that MasterChef Australia has finally given him the opportunity to do something for himself.

“I did well at school because I was scared of being nobody,” Alvin says. “I did a science degree but underpinning it all was my passion for cooking. I’ve been busy chasing what people want me to chase and putting what I want into the background. It’s bizarre but growing up I had it instilled in me that you’re either a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer or nobody!”

With a Malaysian background, Alvin moved to Australia in his late teens to study at Melbourne University, and says that his cooking is influenced by his heritage.

“My mum is my inspiration,” says Alvin, who grew up in a Buddhist household. “I used to hang around the kitchen watching her as a child. She would never use measurements, her cooking was instinctive”.

A MasterChef Australia fan from the first series, Alvin made his way through to the lofty heights of the final Top Ten, and into the hearts of Australians everywhere. Since leaving MasterChef, Alvin is continuing his passion for food through his new website cinnamonpig.com.au

After shucking hundreds of them on MasterChef, the world is Alvin Quah’s oyster!

Christian Guglietta

VISIT: www.sisley.com


Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner?
Definitely Dinner.

Where will you be dining?
La Roche London
 for dinner followed by coffee at Café Fiorella in New York.

What music are you listening to?
Anything Top 40, especially Lady Gaga!

What are you wearing?
(just call me ‘The Devil Wears Prada’).

What are you going to eat?
Something warm, spicy and exotic. The lamb dishes are to die for!

About Christian Guglietta
Having travelled all over the globe for the past 14 years, Sisley’s International Makeup Artist Christian Guglietta has worked with celebrities, models, VIPs and everyday women, teaching them how to enhance their natural beauty using SISLEY products.  

Before joining SISLEY, he worked for French television and has received numerous awards from leading international publications such as ELLE, MARIE-CLAIRE and MADAME FIGARO for his outstanding make-up work. He has also worked on models for fashion houses such as Christian LACROIX, Thierry MUGLER, Michael KLEIN among others.

Christian speaks 4 languages (French, English, Spanish and Italian) and is passionate about is work and making his clients feel special.  Recognized as an expert in this field, Christian is considered a truly gifted artist.

Sommer Collier

VISIT: aspicyperspective.blogspot.com

FFF LOVES… Sommer’s deliciously addictive perspective on food.

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner?
Definitely dinner.

Where will you be dining?
I would dine in a quaint little restaurant overlooking an Italian vineyard and country side. We’d be sitting outside on a cool autumn evening…with an enormous fireplace just behind use to stay warm!

What music are you listening to?
I LOVE old-school vocal jazz. But in Italy, someone would probably be picking on a guitar in the background.

What are you wearing?
Something NEW! Probably a dress that is light and has movement, but is also fitted In all the right places.

What are you going to eat?
Fresh-made pasta, fresh veggies pulled from the garden that day, and local seafood. Then we would have chocolate-hazelnut gelato for dessert. I would be drinking Prosecco…lots of Prosecco. Might as well go out with bubbles!

About Sommer (in her own words):
Wife, mommy, teacher, closet-writer, artist, constant volunteer, master of eBay…undercover cookery queen.

I have always loved to cook.  My older brother tells stories about me, as a little girl, taking boxed cake mixes and whisking them with water.  Then I would pour the “batter” into mugs and zap them in the microwave! (No easy-bake oven in our house.) Apparently, my mom would make him eat my cakes and compliment my efforts. I’m not quite sure he ever fully recovered.

Nowadays, I think he would say I’ve redeemed myself. As a family-taught, then self-taught cook, I have been exploring the culinary arts for many years. Through experimentation, I’ve not only learned a lot of useful techniques; I’ve learned a lot about myself.  

I’m often asked if I have a particular cooking style or an out-right culinary perspective. I love cooking things that brings back happy memories and foods from placed I’ve traveled. That covers a lot of ground! “All Things In Moderation” is my mantra. I care greatly about health, but also believe that life is short and we should enjoy the little pleasure, guilt free. I’d rather cook food that tastes amazing—and eat smaller portions—than stuff myself with “healthy” dishes void of flavor and appeal. In the RECIPE BOX you will find a mix of light, health-conscious dishes, global fare, and good ol’ American comfort food! 

Over the last 3 years I have been teaching a local cooking class called Confidence In The Kitchen. The class focuses on helping individuals get healthful, delicious meals on the table several nights a week, and to be at home in their kitchens. My goal is to provide easy-to-prepare recipes—with a little flair—and to teach the students to trust their instincts!

This blog is an extension of our class, and a puree of my personal and kitchen journals. I truly hope it lends you a little extra confidence to your kitchen!

Amy Daniel

WHERE: Los Angeles & New York

FFF LOVES… her passion for makeup, food and travel. A true FFF!

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner?

Where will you be dining?
Dining at The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, jetting to Manhattan’s Payard Patisserie and Bistro and then hopping over to Brisbane Campos Coffee.

What music are you listening to?
A combo of Mary J. Blige, Rascal Flats and Dinah Washington.

What are you wearing?
First, my face must always be dressed with POP Beauty Face Magnet, No Show Correct and Protect Tinted Moisturizer #1 and Concealer #1, Double Duty Bronzer and Lip Cushion. Then, my favourite True Religion jeans, James Perse soft black tee, Burberry camel plaid scarf, Jimmy Choo shades and my patent nude Christian Louboutin pumps.

What are you going to eat?
Miso Seabass, sautéed garlic spinach and a glass of Chateau de Sancerre, Loire France, 07, Bittersweet Dark Chocolate Souffle and Liquid Lourve and a cappuccino as the finale!

About Amy Daniel:
Amy’s impressive CV includes working on some of the hottest photo shoots, film sets and fashion runways, including NYC and LA fashion weeks. Her work is loved and sought after by It Girls the world over including Kelly Osborne, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian and other name-drop-worthy faces.

The Barge Boys


FFF LOVES… the Barge Boys’ take on a cool Hong Kong wine bar crossed with the laidback style of a Melbourne bar taking up residence in Sydney’s spohisticated Potts Point. Genius!

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner?

Where will you be dining?
All the boys together at Tides in Bali; with perfect ocean and sunset views this amazing restaurant overlooks a pool which drops over a cliff.

What music are you listening to?
No music; the three of us make enough noise as it is.

What are you wearing?
Board shorts; easy and relaxed.

What are you going to eat?
Fresh seafood cooked with local flavour — nothing beats it straight off the boat and washed down with an icy-cold beer.

About The Barge Boys:
Drawing inspiration from an exciting melting pot of international flavours and concepts, LL Wine & Dine heralds a new direction in Sydney dining and entertainment. Evoking the essence of a vibrant Hong Kong wine lounge and the atmosphere of Melbourne’s eclectic bar scene, brothers Matthew, Chris and Tim Barge launch their first venture in Potts Point’s emerging Llankelly Place laneway.

Running directly off the buzzing Kings Cross strip, the pedestrian-only precinct is destined to emerge as the new focal point of this vibrant inner-city locale with the venue entrenched in Potts Points’ own eclectic heritage. Boasting a rich and colourful history, the former 1960’s illegal casino has served as an adult bookshop as well as a stronghold steel room. Beyond its unassuming façade lies a quirky and intimate space to which has been given an exclusive, underground vibe and sequence of cosy nooks and comfy snugs.

The menu, created by Chef Jingyi Kung (ex Melange and Matsuri), offers tantalising Cantonese inspired cuisine matched with an extensive wine list and cocktails with an Asian kick. Aimed at the young professional demographic, the emphasis is on personalised service and caters to those seeking quality food, drink and entertainment in intimate and sophisticated surrounds.

Paula Walden


FFF LOVES… her delightfully quirky and sculptural pieces, created with a clean palette and architectural aesthetic.

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner?
Dinner — darkness is always more appealing.

Where will you be dining?
A decadent dinner prepared by Ferran Adrià (elBulli) in the comfort of my own home accompanied by gorgeous French and Australian wines.

What music are you listening to?
Miles Davis.

What are you wearing?
Something dramatic and beautiful — perhaps, vintage Schiaparelli and a Paula Kyle Walden necklace.

What are you going to eat?
5 courses plus dessert (crème brûlée, chocolate fondant, strawberry crepes) and superb wine (Ruinart Champagne, Giaconda Pinot Noir and Chateau d’Yquem Sauternes).

About Paula Walden:
Paula Kyle Walden, aka PKW, designs and creates statement costume jewellery and accessories.

Officially trained as a jeweller, during her apprenticeship Paula was a finalist in the Jewellery Association of Australia’s bi-annual competition. Now fully qualified and with years of experience, she is invited to enter the Harper’s Bazaar Diamond Design Guild Awards annually.

However, this fine-jeweller by trade, is self-confessed as “a designer at heart with a constant intuitive sense of fashion”. She is one year away from graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Art with Fashion at the influential Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and will complement her accessory designs with the launch of her fashion collection in mid-2010.

Paula Kyle Walden launched PKW two years ago and continues to push the boundaries of what is regarded as ‘costume jewellery’.

Identified as promising new talent, PKW has collaborated with fashion designers Gail Sorronda (‘Bird’s of Prey’ collection) and George Wu (2009 bespoke collection); both of which were previewed at Rosemount Australian fashion week and Mercedes Benz Brisbane Fashion Festival.

Each PKW collection embodies a strong emotional narrative. “I dream, I explore, I create and take true happiness, vibrancy and light with it all,” says Paula.

“Desire for jewellery is a conscious wish for any individual to release an expression of whom they aspire to be; each collection is an inner-battle of sorts between one’s mind and heart.”

The uniqueness of Paula’s designs, paired with the fact that all pieces are hand made in Australia; make PKW a highly covetable product.

Manu Feildel


FFF LOVES… Manu’s ambrosial and distinctive take on contemporary French cuisine, and his delicious French accent. Mon Dieu!

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner?

Where will you be dining?
With my staff , friends and family at my restaurant - L’etoile as they are the most important people to me and my restaurant is my life!

What music are you listening to?
Funk from the 70’s so we can have a little dance and Jazz - relaxing, while we are eating.

What are you wearing?
Jeans, a collared shirt, italian leather shoes and my favorite black velvet jacket!

What are you going to eat?
My uncle’s home made foie gras on toasted brioche. It holds great childhood memories for me.

About Manu Feildel:
It seems that Manu Feildel was destined to become a great chef from the moment he was born – his great grandfather was a pastry chef, his grandfather and father were chefs, his cousin is a chef in the United States and his mother is a great cook.

Over the years, he has worked in many top class restaurants around the world. In 2004, Tony Bilson approached Manu to open his new venture Bilsons at the Radisson Hotel. In its second year of opening, the restaurant won 2 Chef’s Hats, and in its third year, this accolade had increased to 3 Chef’s Hats. In 2009 Bilsons won three Chef’s Hats for the third year running.

Manu has also become one of the most recent and popular ‘Celebrity Chefs’ on the Australian food scene, with appearances on ‘Ready Steady Cook’, ‘Boys Weekend’, Masterchef Australia’, and has co-host of the popular ‘My Kitchen Rules’.

It seems Manu’s career has turned full circle, as he returns to his roots cooking contemporary French cuisine, as co-owner and chef de cuisine of ‘Manu at L’Etoile’ in Paddington, Sydney, where he shares his passion for modern French Bistro food, and has recieved a prestigious One Chef’s Hat from the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food Guide 2010.

Alice Hampton

VISIT: www.esteelauder.com.au

FFF LOVES… her style know-how. When Alice recommends we listen! A true globe-trotter she is glamour on Balmain-clad legs. Oh and what we wouldn’t do for a peep into her makeup case.

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner?

Where will you be dining?
Capri, Italy.

What music are you listening to?
Lounge music - think Café Del Mar or Buddha Bar.

What are you wearing?
My black Balmain “Gwyneth Paltrow” dress, my favourite Bottega Veneta heels and bright coral OPI polish on my toes.

What are you going to eat?
Pol Roger champagne with freshly shucked oysters for entrée, grilled prawns with Grange for main and lemon meringue pie with a stunning sticky for dessert… bliss!

About Alice Hampton:
As the Communications Manager for Estee Lauder and Tom Ford Beauty Australia since 2007, Alice began her passion for PR in 1999 when she began working for De Beers Diamonds in the coveted PR Department whilst completing a Communications degree, majoring in PR & Journalism, at UWS.

Shortly following De Beers, Alice spent two years working at boutique beauty & fashion PR agency Lynne Phillips & Associates before accepting a position as Account Manager at Drysdale Communications where she looked after premium lifestyle and luxury brands including the Hardy Bros Melbourne Cup, the Champagne Information Centre and the launch of Giorgio Armani Cosmetics in Australia.

In 2003, Alice accepted the role of Public Relations Manager for Cosmax Prestige Brands, an Australian owned fragrance distributor housing over thirty prestige brands including Burberry, Bvlgari, Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci.

Today, as the Communications Manager for Estee Lauder and Tom Ford Beauty, Alice has the enviable role of working on two of the world’s premium beauty brands that has seen her achieve the coveted Beauty Directory Star Award for Best PR Launch in the Luxe Category for the 2008 launch of Advanced Night Repair.

Alice has exceptional people skills and is well respected by the Australian media, retail partners and with all of her colleagues within the Estee Lauder global family.

Baukjen de Swaan Arons

VISIT: www.isabellaoliver.com

FFF LOVES… her clever mix of practical, flattering cut with luxe detail. Pregnancy never looked so chic.

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner?
A very long family dinner on a perfect summer evening.

Where will you be dining?
At the Colombe D’or in a village in the South of France called Saint Paul de Vence. I’ll be having dinner with my husband, our children and our parents. We will be sitting outside in the garden terrace of the restaurant. Hopefully it’s July or thereabouts and we can sit outside all evening under the trees. The kids will at some point leave the table and play close by with the other kids.

Angelina Jolie (left) and Gwen Stefani wearing Isabella OliverWhat music are you listening to?
No music. Just the sound of others talking around us and the usual sounds you hear when you’re outside in the evening in a French village.

What are you wearing?
A gorgeous maxi dress with gold sandals and matching statement cuff and Chanel No.19.

What are you going to eat?
As a starter, I will be ordering their truffle salad. The smell and the taste are beyond words. I will look forward to this salad for days! For the main course I will order the truffle salad again. It’s my last meal so I am going to eat whatever I want. I will not order desert but will indulge in the delicious French cheese plate. Throughout the evening we’ll be drinking my favourite red wine, Pomerol.

About Baukjen de Swaan Arons:
Baukjen de Swaan Arons is Co-Founder and Creative and Marketing Director at Isabella Oliver, an award winning international e-commerce and mail order business for designer maternity wear. The company launched in 2003, has been double digit profitable from year one and with current sales in excess of $15 million Isabella Oliver is now the fastest growing and largest specialist maternity wear company in the UK and growing fast in the US. Isabella Oliver has a large celebrity following including Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba and Heidi Klum.

Baukjen gained brand and product management skills at blue chip companies including Procter and Gamble and Orange. Baukjen’s passion for clean, modern, strong brands is reflected in the Isabella Oliver identity both online as well as offline. Baukjen loves going out, entertaining, surfing the web and holidays in warm places with the kids and friends. She lives in Hampstead with her husband Geoff (who is the third co-founder of Isabella Oliver) and their children Oliver, Sebastian and Pippa.

Robby Ingham

VISIT: www.robbyingham.com

FFF LOVES… FFF loves his style and eagle eye for fashion we DIE to wear. Any chance we can score a ticket to his last supper too?

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner?
One meal for me would definitely mean a long lunch.

Where will you be dining?
The month is July and the place is the meditteranean coast in from Florence Italy. Up on the terrace at a little trattoria overlooking the ocean.

What music are you listening to?
There is no music to accompany this as only great wine and food are required. But if you must, just some lovely jazz in the background and then maybe later some classic Stones or Dylan.

What are you wearing?
I would of course wear a beautiful lightweight linen suit for Italy and then break out my favourite Margiela pinstripe for dinner on the terrace.

Whare are you eating?
Start with some antipasta of fresh calamari, Bufala mozzarella, vine ripened tomatos etc. accompanied by a beautiful crisp Pinot Gris. Next we would move up to Paper Moon pizzeria in Milan to experience the Milanese vibe and brilliant pizza. Lets have some lovely Gaja Barbaresco with this.

After pizza some shopping down the Via Montenapoleone (right) is an absolute necessity and it will work up the hunger for our return to Sydney. On the terrace of my Sydney home, a couple of great mates and my beautiful wife and children. Unfortunately I would have to ask my wife to prepare her absolutely mouthwatering Roast Chicken and vegetable dinner with lots of gravy. This would require a couple of bottles of great Penfolds Grange and Moss Wood cab sav. ‘98 for the grange and ‘94 for the Moss Wood.

Dessert would be a blast from the past with the cold zabaglione from Ristorante Mario (Via della Vite, 55 00187 Roma Rom, Italy 06 89718304) being my absolute favourite. Of course if you are blasting from the past you would have to include a shot or two of Sambuca.

About Robby Ingham:
Robby Ingham is a successful luxury retailer and joint managing director of The Robby Ingham Store, this year he is joined by buyer and retail specialist, Marlene Mangioni. Together they are reinvigorating the long-established store as Sydney’s premier destination for luxury women’s and men’s fashion and accessories. 
Robby Ingham will continue to oversee the menswear buying, brand inventory and importing. Ingham belongs to the renowned Ingham poultry and racing family and resides in Sydney with his wife Sarah and their four children.

Gabi Perezutti-Isacson

VISIT: www.candelanyc.com

FFF LOVES… Candela’s South American style with a generous dash of NYC cool thrown in to spice things up.

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner?

Where will you be dining?
In my hometown Montevideo, Uruguay.

What music are you listening to?
The noise of the waves breaking infront of the tiny cantina.

What are you wearing?
If it is my last supper, Chanel and white. It doesn’t matter if it gets dirty.

What are you going to eat?
Chivitos. It is the local sandwich from Uruguay and is not done in any other place in the world.

About Candela: 
South American duo Natalia Kuks-Jacobs and Gabriela Perezutti-Isacson created the first Candela collection in 2004. The label took off when they pioneered the bohemian look that was taken from their ranching background in Argentina and Uruguay. From leathers and chunky knits manufactured in Argentina to cotton voiles, silks, and embroideries produced in India, Candela’s pieces are feminine, without being over the top. Ornamented with occasional bows, ruffles, lace, and creative pops of color, Candela combines wistful, natural looks with fashion-forward city style. In less than a year Candela found itself selling to more than 200 hundred stores worldwide, including Harrod’s, Beams, Henri Bendel, Saks Fifth Avenue, Intermix, Scoop, Fred Segal, Kitson, and many more. In Spring 2006 the first Candela shoe collection was born and has become an integral part of their collection, making up about 65% of their business today.

With Candela’s continued success and growth, the brand is looking to launch an e-commerce site in early 2010, with plans of opening a Candela retail store shortly thereafter. Candela NYC is currently sold at Saks Direct, ShopBop, Calypso, Urban Outfitters, and will be in Neiman Marcus Direct for Resort/Cruise. 

Celebrity fans include Lindsay Lohan, Lauren Conrad, Kate Hudson, Fergie, and Ciara.